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VIP Security Drivers

With Ipps you can be confident in the knowledge that our drivers are qualified to advanced driver training requirements, along with the necessary associated specialised skills.

We provide the following categories in this field.
Security Driver
VIP Security Drivers 
Wide range of Executive and Luxury vehicles
Armoured vehicles 
Many makes of vehicle can be supplied on request

Protective Operations
Our top of the range S-Class Mercedes cars and the specialised vehicles in our fleet are equipped with with everything the client wants giving real time information on their location, speed and direction of travel.
Any disruption, unauthorised routing or unlawful acts are instantly and automatically notified to lead Security managment team.
A wide range of personal tracking/location solutions can be provided offering protection for the individual.

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 IPPS VIP Security Drivers
The IPPS VIP Security Drivers are highly training in offensive and defensive driving skills.
IPPS Professional Drivers will ensure you get to your destination in a timely and secure manner.

To arrange a meeting with member of our IPPS Management team call : 07521 086903


Let us take all of your security concerns into our own safe hands.

Training Services
Due to the continuing expansion of our Close Protection and Security Driving Services, the directors have decided to cease our driver training programmes. This will allow us to devote all our resources to our core business.

We are pleased to recommend a driver training company based in the South of France who are now providing all aspects of driver training within the security arena. The instructors of the company have been known personally by the directors of IPPS Ltd for over five years and all have a Police Training background in this particular discipline.

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